John's Blues - Numerical Print

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40 x 70 cm 300,00€
76,5 x 160 cm 950,00€

John's Blues - Numerical Print

Edition : Granit Associes
Impression : Impression aux encres
Illustrateur : Juanjo Guarnido
Description : Original illustration by Juanjo Guarnido performed on the occasion of the release of second volume of the series Blacksad. This image is part of the most representative image of the graphic style of the author and the series of which it is extracted ... hence its huge success with the public.
This Numerical Print is produced in Frank Bordas's workshops, print on paper Canson Arches Velin Museum 315g.
This technique allows to fully comply with the color and texture of the original.

Large size COLLECTOR: 76.5 X 160 CM
32 copies - signed & numbered: 950 €

Delivery - 1 month